Adease Media Intelligence presents:

An overview of advertising during

Super Bowl LVIII in Canada

February 11th 2024


Top 10 Advertising Categories 

(by occurrences)

After Bell's announcement of unprecedented Super Bowl advertisement sales, as reported in the Media in Canada article dated February 2, 2024, let's delve into the brands that have secured the much-sought-after spots during this eagerly awaited event.

The first place category is Telecom Consumer Services with a 20% total share, encompassing TV & Streaming Services (55%), Internet Services (27%), and Smartphone & Mobile Services (17%). Noteworthy advertisers in the TV & Streaming Services segment include Crave TV (75%), Disney+ (12%), Paramount, and PlutoTV (6% each).

Following closely, the Restaurants category emerges as the second top category, with Quick Serve Restaurants commanding a 70% share. Subway Restaurants clinch the top spot this year, displacing McDonald's Restaurants from last year's position. Other notable QSR establishments featured include Dairy Queen Restaurants, Osmow’s, Harvey’s, and Tim Hortons.

Introducing a new addition to this year's top 10 categories is Candy & Snacks, constituting 11% of total Super Bowl advertising. In the Chips department, Pepsico takes the lead with offerings such as Lays, Doritos, and Havoc Snacks. Prominent mentions in the Chocolate department include M&Ms Candy, Lindt Lindor, and Reese’s Chocolate.

Other new categories in this year’s Top 10 include Software, which features Intuit’s TurboTax and Quickbooks; Education is also a new category in the Top 10, highlighting ads from Seneca College and Niagara College

Noteworthy categories absent from this year's top 10 categories vs. last year, include Online Gambling, Banking Services, and Soft Drinks. 

 Top 10 Brands 

(by seconds)

Now, let's examine the brands that secured the most airtime in seconds. Leading the pack is Crave TV, commanding an 8% share, closely followed by BCE with a 7% share, which encompasses advertisements for their internet and smartphone services. Surprisingly, in third place, the Government of Ontario claims a 4% share, spotlighting two ads aimed at bolstering the economy. Questrade takes fourth place, with three distinct ads highlighting their investment services.



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