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An overview of Canada Day themed advertising on Radio and Television in Canada

June 26th-July 2nd, 2023


Top 10 Canada Day advertisers on Radio

 (By Company)

Metro Food Stores claims the leading position in Canada Day advertising, commanding an impressive 11% share of total radio advertising. Following closely in second place is BC Ferries, with a respectable 6% share. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and Woody's RV World secure the third spot, each with a noteworthy 4% share.


Canada Day advertising on Radio

(By City)

Advertisers from various cities across the country are embracing the festivities with engaging and Canada Day themed advertising campaigns. Let's take a closer look at the advertisers leading the way in Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary.

In Ottawa, the nation's capital, the Car or Cash for Healthcare Lottery takes center stage with its exciting Canada Day themed campaign. Representing an impressive 15% share, this advertiser not only offers Canadians a chance to win big but also supports a noble cause. The Government of Canada closely follows with a noteworthy 12% share, leveraging its platform to promote national pride and unity during the holiday.


Toronto, known for its vibrant multiculturalism, showcases Metro Food Stores as the leading advertiser with its captivating Canada Day themed campaign. With a commanding 32% share, Metro Food Stores celebrates the diverse culinary traditions that make Canada so special on this festive day. The City of Toronto also joins in the celebration with a 15% share, promoting local Canada Day events and activities for residents and visitors. Canada's Wonderland captures attention with an 11% share, enticing thrill-seekers to experience the excitement of Canada Day at the beloved amusement park.


Calgary takes the third position with a 15% share. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries emerges as the frontrunner with an impressive 32% share, with World of Spas securing the second spot at 17% and Banff Sunshine Village at 11%.

Top Canada Day advertisers on TV

 (By Company)



The Canada D'Eh Sale from The Brick Furniture Stores made a remarkable impact, capturing a staggering 65% of all Canada Day advertising on the radio last week. In second place, The Dairy Farmers of Canada secured a respectable 12% share, with Wayfair trailing behind at 8%.


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