Adease Media Intelligence presents:

An overview of advertising during

Superbowl LVII in Canada

February 12th 2023



Advertising during Superbowl LVII



It’s no surprise that Superbowl is a time for advertisers to take advantage of massive viewership. Let’s look at what categories took advantage of this once-a-year opportunity.

In the first place, Telecom Consumer Services take an 18% total share, with TV & Streaming Services holding a 72% share; Advertisers include Crave TV (47%), Bell TV App (30%), and TSN+ (12%).

The second-place category goes to Restaurants, with a 12% total share. Quick Serve Restaurants dominate this category with an 80% share; Advertisers in the subcategory include Mcdonald’s 31%, KFC Restaurants 25%, and Harvey’s 13%.  Dine-In Restaurants take the remaining 20% share of the restaurant category, with Boston Pizza and Chuck’s Roadhouse taking 75% and 25%, respectively.

The automotive category came in third place, focusing mainly on electric vehicles.  Toyota Canada and Kia Canada share the top spot with a 21% share.

Toyota Canada ran two ads that showcase their lineup of GR vehicles and their lineup of electrified vehicles. Kia Canada also ran two ads during the Superbowl, one featuring the Kia Niro EV and another for the Kia Sportage.

GMC Canada comes in third place with a 17% share featuring an ad for the GMC Sierra Elevation and a second ad for their EV campaign featuring Will Ferrell in various spoofs of Netflix programs.

In fourth place, Chevrolet Canada pushes two ads featuring the Chevrolet Silverado ZR2.  

Fifth place is shared by four brands: Subaru Canada, Volkswagen Canada, Audi Canada, and Jeep Canada. Subaru Canada does not follow the electrified vehicle trend; instead, the Subaru Outback is showcased. The remaining auto brands follow the EV trend and exhibit their line-up of electric vehicles.


Rounding the top five categories, in fourth place, Entertainment Media pulls in a 5% share. In this category, we find movie trailers (75% share) and satellite radio service (25% share).

In fifth place, we have Internet Gaming featuring Sports Betting services from Fanduel (86% share) and Proline+ (14% share).



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